Reframe the question... Innovate your thinking!


Have you ever been stuck? Fallen into the all or nothing, black or white, win or lose thinking trap?

We've all been there at some point in our lives or business. The question is how do we see our way clear, get unstuck and begin moving forward?

This week I was fortunate to tune into a webinar with the wonderfully talented Dan Roam to hear his take on visualizing innovation. According to Dan the first step could be to reframe your own thinking.

Reframing a problem into an opportunity, an objection into a reason to take action or the seemingly impossible into your purpose. By shifting your thinking new possibilities and ideas will be begin to open up as if by magic and drawing the right pictures can help every organization innovate faster and more effectively.

What do you need to innovate? Reframing the question can be the first step and learning to draw the right pictures can help you and your team move the needle farther faster.