Have you ever wished you could help your teams and clients...

  • get on the same page

  • see the bigger picture

  • take action

Do you need to...


Kick-start Innovation

Working visually helps people:

  • Generate new Ideas

  • make connections

  • see the invisible


Spark Collaboration

Working visually gets everyone:

  • engaged

  • on the same page

  • involved in the discussion


Facilitate Action

Working visually:

  • Banishes confusion

  • clarifies roles & responsibilities

  • OUtlines next Steps


About Me...

As a Graphic Facilitator and Illustrator, I combine words and pictures to help my clients visualize their ideas, solve problems, design, improve and document processes and develop effective strategies.

My clients understand the power of visual thinking to kickstart innovation, spark collaboration and facilitate action.

As a seasoned Project Manager I'm in a unique position to help my clients. I've faced the struggles of getting everyone on the same page and moving forward. I have figured out a formula to help just about any organization visualize where they are now, where they want to be and the actions needed to get there.


Get Your Clients & Teams More

Engaged & Involved

During Your Next Meeting or Event



Graphic Facilitation

I'll work with your team to create conceptual maps of conversations to help people bring clarity to their work in meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Graphic Facilitation is an interactive experience, activities include templates that your attendees complete by providing input, brainstorming or evaluating alternatives. These visual thinking tools support better ideas, solutions and decisions. I have special expertise in project management, strategic planning, process design and improvement and documentation.


Graphic Training

Training workshops show your teams how to get started with sketchnotes and visual thinking. Everyone can learn to use simple visual approaches to enhance their work and learning. Sessions include an introduction to sketchnoting and visual thinking, instruction in basic lettering, building your icon library and easy layouts. Get in touch with me about graphic training. We’ll discuss your group, your objectives and how you can bring important visual skills to your organization.


    Process Maps / Illustrations / StoryBoards/ Infographics

    I'll work with you to conceptualize the design, sift through your information, analyze it, pull out key points, and collaborate with you to convey those messages in a fun and engaging way. I can help you visualize just about anything:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Your  processes
    • Your big idea
    • Your customers journey
    • User experience
    • Seminars
    • Talks
    • Speeches
    • Books