Deborah DeLue


As a certified Back of the Napkin visual thinking trainer, I train leaders and teams how to use simple pictures to achieve clarity in work and life, articulate and communicate complex strategies, accelerate innovation, illuminate hidden opportunities and enable authentic conversations.

As a Graphic Facilitator, I combine words, pictures, chart and maps to help my clients manage projects, visualize their ideas, solve complex problems, optimize processes and systems and develop effective strategies.

As a seasoned Project Manager I'm in a unique position to help my clients. I've faced the struggles of getting everyone on the same page and moving forward. I have figured out a formula to help just about any organization visualize where they are now, where they want to be and the actions needed to get there.



Mary McGuinness


Visual coaches help others to “see their thinking” by mapping out the coaching conversation.  Each session ends with a completed client “map” that orients and illuminates clients’ ideas, insights, and patterns of thought — helping individuals and teams to view things differently, and create breakthrough moments.

Mary McGuinness is a certified visual coach who uses visual mapping to co-create her clients’ next big move.  Visual coaching taps multiple intelligences and promotes a way of thinking that explores all the angles, leading to better decisions, inspired solutions, and deepening commitment to action. Clients include those in life transitions (divorce, retirement, school-to- work, child raising-to-work, etc.) and work transitions (job dissatisfaction, business creation/innovation, increased responsibility/leadership, re-branding, etc.), and anyone who seeks the clarity & focus needed to execute on their vision and goals.

Mary’s background in the performing arts and business, and training as an ICF-certified coach contribute to a coaching partnership that is creative, rooted in exploration, and results-driven.  For more about Mary and coaching services, visit