Blessed with a servant's heart

I  used to think having a servant's heart somehow made me less than.  In order to succeed, I needed to toughen up, be driven, look out for number one. I had what a wonderful friend in California calls a big case of small thinking.

The truth is some of the greatest leaders in the world have been and continue to be servants. They change hearts, minds, and history. They lead countries, corporations, communities, and carpools.  They make breakthroughs and breakfast,  They hand out high honors, hugs and high fives. They make a difference.

I believe it was Stephen Covey who proposed we are here to expand our capacity to give and receive love. If that's true it seems those of us with a servant's heart have been blessed with a great gift and we have a leg up on the competition. The world needs us. 

Let's go out there, use our gifts, serve with glad hearts and succeed in making a difference.

Until next time, peace be with you, Debbie D

Deborah DeLue - Visual Facilitation, Illustration, Project Management